01. Introduction

We are private, independent and committed investors.

We invest our permanent capital, building on a multi-generation DNA and deep global institutional ties. Our objective is to unlock value in the US private markets through proprietary opportunities and strong alignment.

Committed Investors

We primarily invest our own capital in order to successfully harvest an illiquidity and operational premium. Our objective is to keep control of our risk/reward, to avoid blind pools and yet access the highest quality opportunities. We invite like minded co-investors in simple and efficient structures looking for upside and alignment.

Privileged Access

We have built a deep off-market deal flow, with over 75% of investment opportunities coming from proprietary and non-auction transactions. Directly partnering with management teams or co-investing with leading sponsors and permanent capital entities, enables us to originate high quality opportunities at meaningful valuations.

Excellence through the cycle

We balance high quality cashflow driven investments with transformative growth opportunities for a tailored risk/return ahead of the next cycle.

02. Business Principles

We advance the private equity model.

Platform building approach

Our focus is on the quality of our partners and on aligning everyone around the table. We favor partnerships that yield successive investment opportunities and allow us to originate off market transactions.

Smart Deployment

We are a patient investor with no pressure to deploy capital. We focus on compounding value, and ensuring the right level of governance over an optimal investment time frame. We invest across the capital structure, retaining flexibility according to the cycle and the situation.


Our personal commitment to sustainability translates to the way we invest too. We build pathways of oversight with founders, significant shareholders and CEOs, establishing today relationships that will make a difference through the lifes of our investments.

Maintaining perspective

We work to be ahead of the curve, advised by board members and proprietary experts who are American and European thought leaders with proven track records.

In a cycle of volatility and disruption, accessing transformative situations and demanding alignment are key to deliver upside while protecting capital.
Pierre Mordacq

03. Investment Strategy

We focus on sustainable value creation through three main strategies:

Selective deployment and smart navigation across the cycle.


Bypass high equity valuations and focus on diversification + Rigorous due diligence and partnership with best in class managers

Defensive cash flow

Focus on value compounding in proprietary situations + Investment in cash flow driven, difficult to displace category leaders


Center on high growth business with large addressable markets + Focus on transformational companies in the B to B space: US, Israel, China

04. Sustainability

We believe in fostering a culture of excellence.

We believe in fostering a culture of excellence, generating the means to give and to foster a sustainable impact in the fields of education and environment. The principals of AtlanVest chair a foundation in that field and are significant contributors to a number of charitable efforts in both the US and Europe


Principals of AtlanVest are board level supporters to the US Sciences Po Foundation and the Family Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School.


Pierre Mordacq chairs the Hautefort Foundation, a 600 acers estate and a pioneering institute for monument conservation and environmental sustainable management.

05. About AtlanVest

Who are we?

AtlanVest was founded in 2012 by Pierre Mordaq as the private investment vehicle of a leading French-American family, invested in asset managers combining more than $120 billion of assets under management, across listed and private equity strategies.

Prior to founding AtlanVest, Pierre managed principal investment programs and directed complex deal processes valued at over $10bn at leading corporate sponsors and PE funds.
AtlanVest board members and advisers are leading European and US industry executives offering key expertise in financial services, asset allocation, private equity and technology.

06. Contact

Let’s get in touch.

Request an introduction to know more about AtlanVest. We look forward to hearing from you.